26 Jan This new novel from Average American Male author and YouTube icon Kultgen continues his testosterone-fueled fiction with this. 23 Feb The ridiculously talented Chad Kultgen seems to be stuck in a holding pattern. His point of view is going to offend anyone who slows down long. With the publication of “The Average American Male” and the release of the viral videos that promoted it online-videos that shocked the nation – Chad Kultgen.

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The other reason I gave it two stars is because I actually kind of liked the ending of the book. I am giving it two stars simply for the fact that it kept me engaged the whole time. The lies, betrayal, love, tricks, wealth, parties, all were shown in this one thrilling story. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. There are the sorority sisters who just want to be engaged before they graduate or their lives are over, the frat guys who drug girls and force them to have three ways, etc.

Visit the official Harlequin book site. Heather is studying to be a school teacher and she spends almost no time actually studying. Bearing that in mind, what is the deeper point Chad Kultgen is trying to make with The Lie? Do you really feel this way? I like that one star is “didn’t like it. His theory of sexual conquest comes from the idea that all women are in it for the money, and will sleep with him just to be close to his wealth.

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Chad Kultgen talks about his new book The Lie. | Three Guys One Book

I may have already said too much. Greek life always seemed like “bullshit” and two of the three main characters in the novel feel the same way.

The only redeemable person in this whole novel is a secondary character, Erin and even she is depicted as pretty desperate because she’s willing to take Kyle back. I was reading through the 1 star reviews. And while one doesn’t expect the ending to happen as it does, thanks kultgn the shenanigans of the rich kid and the kulttgen girl, it’s not that surprising either.


I think he definitely hates women for some reason. Then we have his best friend Kyle who is dating Heather off and on. There kiltgen a number of aspects that I liked including the story being narrated from all 3 points of view Kyle, Heather, Brettone chapter from each before re-starting the cycle.

The language is vulgar. That said I appreciated reading this book on the grounds that it had kind of interesting parts.

The Lie by Chad Kultgen

To view it, click here. With that said, I hated these characters. Kultgeen while these men are more round and developed then Brett because they’re real people and not a fictional character, it’s very obvious they think men are superior just like Brett and the author, Kultgen. This gave me a full body shudder that I’ve never been quite able to shake. Almost any girl will give Brett anything he wants in the hopes of becoming something important to him and gaining access to his wealth.

Kyle is very intelligent and does not t really fhe what others think of him. He constantly follows himself and oppresses himself as his own most irksome companion. I liked that it was told from the points of view of three characters, and each one had a distinctly different voice, so I was never confused about who was narrating.

If you are located outside the U.

Chad Kultgen talks about his new book The Lie.

Hilariously evil, extremely perverted and insanely addicting. Sow e can give each other knowing looks and use certain terms so we know we each read the book or ask which was your kultfen story or where thee you up to in the book the books really have a certain charm.


It’s pretty gross, but not in an utterly good way. I wanted to rate this book lower because how seemingly unnecessarily graphic the content was; however, I realized that would not be fair to the author or the book. And I’m not even embarrassed to say i loved it so much.

Of course I felt bad at the way Brett treated women in the book but also pissed off at the portrayal of these college girls that they would do anything to have a shot at being with Brett In fact, the writing is fairly awful, but consistent with the points of views of the characters the kulttgen is writing for. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

I know what happens now Jul 16, Sam rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Chad Kultgen talks about his new book The Lie. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Every kind of person you can think has to exist somewhere. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There’s nothing decent, good, or redeemable about ANY of the three main characters.

I kind of figured that the sexual commentary would go away after a while, like when an author describes a character as having blonde hair, and then doesn’t mention it again.

That growing up privileged can th you an even bigger asshole? The entire narrative from one of the characters is excessively vulgar and misogynistic that it seems to oie no purpose other than shock value. In fact if you have any feminist leanings, you probably won’t be able to finish it. Look, dude, we get it: