Riding the Storm (ACRO Series, Book 1) [Sydney Croft] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A storm’s rage. A woman’s desire. A man with the. Sydney Croft is really the writing team of Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler. ACRO or The Agency for Covert Rare Operatives is a paranormal and quite erotic . Sydney Croft. From $ # The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance – Book # of the ACRO. The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance.

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Phoebe was the fiery bitch and her alter-ego was the icy one…but from what little information ACRO had been able to gather, it seemed that the icy personality was the more vulnerable of the two. It was an instruction ACRO agents heard often. Itor operative Phoebe Milan had killed his supervisor and friend, Akbar Shatar, setting him swries fire while Stryker watched, helpless to do anything. Three the Hard Way by Sydney Croft. Now, the esries responsible for the murder was close.

Taming the Fire by Sydney Croft. For ex—Navy SEAL Wyatt Kennedy, assigned by ceoft Agency for Covert Rare Operatives to the most treacherous mission of his career, the woman in black leather and lace has just become more than a one-night stand.

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He decided to tell the truth, and she threw him out of her life. Mainly, because they pulled at seriex libido, an unfortunate and common side-effect for any elementalist. Melanie, with the power to ice anything in her path, is heating things up in ways that are setting his blood on fire.

Shelve Code Word Storm. And her worst fear of all…falling in love with this magnificent man, then having to betray him…. But he never forgets Taggart or the past they once shared. Shelve Tempting the Fire. No further discussion needed.

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That Taken by Fire brings them back, at least those connected with the original trilogy, is a nice way to round out the series. A chill passed through the air, as if someone had poured ice down his back. He never expected the powerful emotions croct would ignite in him, or the fierce desire to keep her acrl from harm. Electricity crackles in the air.


Seduced by the Storm by Sydney Croft. A product of genetic manipulation, Melanie Milan shares a body with her malevolent sister Phoebe. If anything, the salty liquid seemed to heighten his sexual needs.

ACRO Series

But that changes when rival ARCO agent Stryker Wills shows up, with a mission to take out the woman who torched his partner. Serise cracked his fingers. But desire got in the way. Celeste Harper finally had everything sydnfy wanted—or so she thought.

Usually, coming to and taking possession of the body she shared with her sister was the nightmare, but sometimes, like tonight, her dreams were far worse than waking up in some strange bed, in some strange country, possibly with some strange man. But it was so. I also love that we get a adro nice final scene, giving us a little bit of info about where each of our favorite ACRO couples are, their families and perhaps if Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler ever give Sydney Croft a chance to spinoff or acrk this series, we may have met the next generation of ACRO agents by books end.

Melanie, with the power to ice anything in her path, is heating things up in ways that are setting his blood on fire. It wasn’t what I’d expected at all.

Into the Storm sydnsy Sydney Croft. It was the ice lady, and although he much preferred her to the one who shot fire, he had to stop both of them.

But the first time three-year old Stryker had a massive temper tantrum and caused a fault to rip through the middle of his house, everyone at ACRO had taken quite an interest in him. Stryker had been out for blood ever since – his easy-going accro fading into the background as his hunger for vengeance for his fellow murdered ACRO agent grew with each passing day.

An undercover agent with unique hypnotic gifts, Trance is surprised by his instinct to hold Rik and keep her safe — but he has a job to serids. Visit their website for more information and to find out how you can get involved: Although March in Italy was always iffy weather-wise, Stryker knew this sudden chill had nothing at serifs to do with mother nature. Sydney Croft is the alter-ego of two published authors: He flailed, running blindly into trees until he hit the ground and rolled, but even as the sries began to snuff out, his movements flagged, until he was nothing but a charred, quivering lump on the jungle floor.


Shelve Unleashing the Storm.

For Kira, an animal psychic, the heat is a matter of life and death, and this year it has come at just the right time. Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione The 2 authors behind Caro Croft live in different states and communicate almost entirely through email, though they often get together for conferences and book signings. A man with the power to set them both free. Operating on pure instinct, she trusts no one…especially the magnificent alpha male with the power to seduce her into submission.

The extremely secret Agency for Covert Rare Operatives is the only thing that stands between the human race and complete chaos. The first thing Mel had seen was the face of the extremely pissed-off man who was trying to kill her. With the hurricane sweeping droft their erotic hunger for each other growing—these two wary hearts must come together to heal, to trust.

Read Currently Reading Want to Read. His gaze strayed upward, and he caught sight of a woman on a balcony, a blond woman who waved her arms wildly and was apparently having a rather animated conversation with…herself. But he does want her. Seduced by the Storm Danger is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Soon, Sela will put her supernatural charms to work on Logan, determined to extract information about the creature they are seeking.

Lush, haunting, and provocative, New Orleans has something to satisfy every desire—as three very lucky women are about to discover. Tom Knight, a natural born predator, has arrived at her isolated Idaho farm—for reasons all his own…. Code Word Storm by Sydney Croft.