Status, Plans available. Produced, present. Number built, Unit cost. US$ (completed aircraft) Plans: US$ The Wood Sky Pup is an American single-seat, high wing, cantilever, single engine. Sky Pup. Ultralight – Wood and foam construction. Sky Pup Kit/Plans: Sky Pup Reeder Mesa Road Whitewater, CO Website: . Skypup ultralight aircraft plans, Skypup experimental, amateur built and light sport aircraft plans.

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Posted in Uncategorized 2 Comments. He chose to land on a road he had used before. Pierre Andre writes that since Kitplanes magazine published the picture of his Sky Pup in the September issue, he has received 27 letters from readers asking for information. It is imperative that drain holes be provided in the aft fuselage bays an anywhere water might accumulate cut a notch in the bottom of each fuselage bulkhead and drill hole in the tailskid mounting block, or provide a hole for each fuselage chamber.

The ballistic chute fired off resulting in a very costly repack.

Skypup – Nest of Dragons

Tendons and nerves had to be reconnected. I wondered how I would handle a plane with ailerons for the first time. This white Pup with tri stripes belongs to Dave Scott and Larry Reidenaur and was built with advice and help from Bob.

Sport Flight Engineering announced in an early newsletter that epoxy is recommended for all the different bond types, wood to wood, wood to foam, foam to foam.


Wood Sky Pup

We began actual building in October and completed it in May Working on the Belly Working on the belly is easy if you know this trick. Skyphp times during the project I called Steve Wood and he was always very pleasant and helpful. The empty weight started out at about lbs but ended up near lbs with the addition of more paint, a full cowling and other additions.

Sport Flight Engineering, Inc. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This makes it an excellent candidate for conversion to electric power.

Rotax has announced a change in the design of the Bing carb floats which formerly had an aluminum guide tube. Most analog gauges are greatly affected by vibration in the instrument panel. Electronic Speed Controllers and Brushless DC motors are available in the 5kW range, and with enough paralleled dkypup, the battery technology scales decently.

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Latex paint has been suggested for interior foam in the wing and tail to reduce ultraviolet degradation. The only parts wearing out were the tailwheel and the elevator horns on the control stick wore the holes out of round. The wood kit from Wicks was excellent except for the landing gear which was laminated lengthwise from two pieces. Sypup Fortner of Houston, TX called to say that he had a forced landing due to a fuel flow problem strictly pilot error.

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He says it works great. He suspects carburetor ice.

After trying several different cowling designs it now rarely exceeds degrees. Howard will switch to a soft pack ballistic but says he has had poor response and service from Skyoup.

Reducing the outlet diameter of the homemade exhaust system brought the RPM up to Pplans trying to avoid poles on one side, he hit tall weeds on the other and the Pup turned sideways, broke both wheels, and went into the ditch.

Before you add a cowling, you should determine that your gauges are reliable and the prop i correctly matched to your engine. It will easily out climb Mini-Max with the same engine it helps to build light. So great, we have a thrust required for level flight at a speed of…. Both builders report their tailwheels work great.

The whole thing looked like something out of Indiana Jones” as the Pup came down the river on the rowboat. No time to lose my wits now. This is a very rare ultralight, and a major accomplishment.

Well, those, in addition to the coefficient of lift, define the drag characteristics of the aircraft, which typically looks something like this: If you must operate from pave runways and taxi among other aircraft, a steerable tailwheel and brakes are essential.