Saga de Xam is a psychedelic large format comic book divided in seven chapters by Nicolas Devil, and published by Éric Losfeld in Saga de Xam 1 – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Saga de Xam» 1 issues. Volume» Published by Éric Losfeld. Started in Saga de Xam. Saga de Xam. Year. Year. Year of this volume. Publisher.

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Unless I find a hi-quality scan of that, it will not be included.

From an auction site: He published the well known Barbarella science fiction comic book created by Jean-Claude Forest. Maybe if the files get enough views then the uploader will add the final chapter. For Saga de Zam Devil was the principal artist in the first six chapters, and wrote most of the text and dialogue.

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Saga de Xam: written by Jean Rollin & Illustrated by Nicolas Devil

The pre-history chapter is devoid of colour but for an olive-green tone; in Ancient Egypt the art is flat and stylised; in Shanghai the dr pastiches Chinese painting. Saga de Xam continued the trend, a story in seven chapters that reads like an amalgam of all the comics Losfeld had published up to that point, Druillet included. The quality and variety of the graphics will blow you away.

We came across it for the first time about five years ago in a bookshop in France — they only saa cash, we only had credit cards, so all we could do was look in awe and hope that at some point we would be able to find one. Well, now we have, a beautiful hardback first edition on heavy weight paper in its original dustcover. If the comments here are switched off they usually have dr time limit to reduce spam comments then you can always send me an email notification.


Saga de Xam by Nicolas Devil Dec 8, In the final chapter other hands are involved: The comics by Forest, Peellaert and Crepax all featured attractive often naked swga as their lead characters. Losfeld died in so a year later a second edition of the book appeared with a terrible cover designbut this is just as scarce today.

Copies of the first edition on Abe. The book was just too big for my scanner, every page had to be scanned twice and the pieces stitched together, straightened and spots and shadows removed and more. Some of that need to be taken care of, too. Eric Losfeld was a French publisher xxm had a reputation for publishing controversial material with his publishing imprint Editions Le Terrain Vague.

Subscribe Stay updated via RSS. Some readers, yes, but hardly any likes, comments or ratings. Nicolas Devil may be an obscure name today but his artwork is consistently impressive if a little uneven in places, an odd blend of fine detail, psychedelic swirls and xxam deployment of solid black shapes.

Nicolas Devil — nice surname by the way — was one of Frances first erotic comic book artists. Each time period occupies a whole chapter, and for several of the chapters Devil changes the art style to suit the period. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Saga arrives and kills the chieftain then frees the women who immediately slaughter the rest of the men. Narrated in a mixture of science fiction and erotica, Saga comes to racial problems, violence and non-violence.

The final chapter also features arrangements of text that resemble layouts from avant-garde art magazines.

Saga de Xam: written by Jean Rollin & Illustrated by Nicolas Devil – Snap Galleries Limited

But on Earth is allowed to seduce and get the vices of men and, fascinated by the strength and power, want to make a strong and vigorous Xam planet, but without violence. An early non-erotic title was Lone Sloane: The Dark Ages episode opens with Vikings sacking a city and making off with women captives for use as sex slaves. As you would expect with a book over forty years old, there are signs of wear on the dustcover, and the writing on the spine of the dustcover has faded, but inside it is eyeball-poppingly magnificent.

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Speaking of which, the Datsuns again: The biggest flaw is the huge chunks of expository dialogue which are often crammed into a single word balloon. The seventh chapter has been uploaded! It is one of the rarest examples of psychedelic comic art from In the medieval chapter her captors strip off her spacesuit but when it seems like she may be raped she stabs her attackers to death and flees.

Also, the print is bad because the different colors are misplaced to each other. Aboard a stolen longship a putative lesbian romance develops between Saga and one of the freed women. Many of the captions proved difficult to read when the artwork pages were reduced to print size so each copy of axm book came with a magnifying glass.

It is some work: The seventh and final chapter features the Exquisite Corpse sequence and a finale in the 20th century where various pop-culture figures such as John Lennon and Frank Zappa put in an appearance. Some pages from the delirious final chapter follow.

The page in the book is in colour.