Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography [Swami Muktananda, Muktananda, Paul Zweig] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This best selling spiritual autobiography of Swami Muktananda tells the story of his journey to self-realization under the guidance of Bhagawan Nityananda. The 3rd edition of Play of Consciousness by Swami Muktananda marks the 30 years that his spiritual autobiography has been in print. Includes photos of Baba.

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Play of Consciousness by Swami Muktananda – Baba’s Spiritual Autobiography

They also acquire the ability to guide others in their sadhana. It should not be so. Thus the body and the mind are great benefactors and should be treated with conscioueness and respect. He is the highest consciousness which manifests itself in ever-new ways; indeed, he is Parashakti Chiti or Mother Kundalini Herself.

No matter how much a man may acquire during the waking state, he becomes tired.

This time, however, out of compassion for seekers, he expounded Siddha Yoga through his own experiences. Even those who were abused by him achieved noble fame.

Arguing like this, their minds filled with increasing doubts and misconceptions, such disbelievers drive faith 1 2 Chitshakti Vilas away from their own hearts, which become sterile and empty. If one recognises such a Siddha as the Guru, is it not a sign of the greatest fortune to be initiated by him?


The impulses of Shakti are sometimes strong and at other times mild. You should live your normal life, but accord Him the chief place among your creeds and daily activities. Those who have been initiated by Gurudev frequently come to him to ask about Siddha Yoga in general and their own experiences in particular.

Just as man reproduces man, that which springs from the Divine must also be divine. On the contrary, out of compassion, you enter us and cleanse us of all of our sins and impurities. One mother in particular has taken care of me as her own son during my tours, enduring all hardships for my sake. Also, shaktipat transmission was interesting from a Siddha Yoga perspective.

Gurudev has always been like that. You make every possible effort to soothe your sense of touch until it atrophies.

Preview — Play of Consciousness by Muktananda. If a man were to see the inner splendour in meditation even once, he would derive immense benefit from it. Romancing the Shadow Connie Zweig. The Secret of Renunciation 5.

Your home will be transformed into a temple. I re-read it every time I need the sun to rise: The blissful, divine Shakti, Goddess Chiti, expanding as the universe, is the noble Kundalini.

She becomes the ideal daughter, the chaste and loyal wife, consciouzness exemplary mother and the sublime Preface xxxv yogini. Whatever word he imparts constitutes a mantra, endowed with conscious force. Different kinds of pranayama such as bhasrika, bhramari, sliitali, sitkari and ujjayi, are performed involuntarily.

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Dec 20, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Similarly, what is born of the Supreme must have Its nature. Meditation on the Guru is the noblest means of pplay his grace. Siddha students should remain alert and vigilant in this matter.

Then you exert yourself so much for agreeable sounds.

Full text of “Chitshakti Vilas, The Play Of Consciousness Swami Muktananda”

It has been called may a, ignorance, nescience, illusion and impurity. His true nature is enveloped in divine mystery. Stanislav Grof M D. Although it may not have conformed to the criteria of scholars and critics, it is coonsciousness true and simple account of a spiritual journey containing authentic experiences.

Play of Consciousness : A Spiritual Autobiography

Knowledge without experience conscioueness merely a subject for learned discourse. Sant Tukaram says that just by repeating the divine name, one will be able to comprehend the incomprehensible. Unable to realise God, he is plagued by anxious misgivings: You are the Cause of the universe, forming the five elements.