DIN 15146 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering 15b Specification for DIN – Part 4 Dusseldorfer half pallet. (PDF 80kb) PDF 15c VMF glass bottle – wine – mineral water – pallet. (PDF 95kb) PDF 15f Heavy. 9 Apr Euro pallets (standardized according to UIC standard and DIN respectively. EN ) in accordance with EPAL regulations.

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Please select your reason for flagging this tag as fin Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. It is still the most widespread pallet type in the world, with an estimate of to million EUR-pallets being in circulation. You have no items in your shopping cart.

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Domestic and commercial equipment. Euro Pallet x mm Supplier part number: Legal, tax and social.

European Pallets

In the European railways commissioned the standardization of a common pallet type under the auspices of dinn UIC. Change the options below to customize the model for downloading.

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Pallets; timber four-way-flat pallets; 800 mm × 600 mm

Please hit “OK” to reload the page and then try again. Materials handling equipment Pallets conforming to the standardization are eligible for the European Pallet Pool EPP -the system allows for an exchange as “pallet for pallet”. Freight transport Transport in Europe Packaging. With the success of the Euro-pallets, a number of replicas entered the market that used low-quality wood which splintered easily and were prone to mould.


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Derivatives of the EUR-pallet have been xin for specific uses. Accounting, Social and Fiscal: Health care technology Shipbuilding and marine structures Create a New Catalog.

Following the standardization most of the European industry switched over to use Euro-pallets with trucks, forklifts and high-rack warehouses optimized for their size.