The Eternal Mercenary has ratings and 84 reviews. Tucker said: I could not get enough of this series when I was younger. For a fifth grade boy, what. The Casca book series by multiple authors includes books Casca: The Eternal Mercenary, Casca: God of Death, Casca: The Warlord, and several more. See the . A description of tropes appearing in Casca: The Eternal Mercenary. A paperback book series written from to the present day, Casca is a Wandering Jew .

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Immortal Dragonand 33, Casca: I read this, and I can easily see where it has similar themes to those others, but may have been single-handedly responsible for my interest in the lone immortal hero, mercenarj one who suffers most by outliving everything he’ll ever love. It was alongside my Conans and Destroyers. That he didn’t was only the first surprise. Not just doing the same thing for hundreds of years. He was a huge racist at the time of this books writing, and merceenary an even bigger racist now.

Casca befriends the gigantic Viking warrior Glam and shares a bittersweet love with Lida, Viking princess. Casca manages to have the hand sewn back on by one of his traveling companions.

The current author, Tony Robertshas written all the novels sinceexcluding Casca It isn’t the most amazing thing I have ever read, nor even one of the best of the sketchy world of the pulps, but it entertained none the less.

Jesus, after being pierced by Casca’s spear, opened His eyes and looking down at Casca, said: The character is loosely based on the Longinus legend of Christianity. Be advised that there are obvious sexist and racist undertones, too.

Although we start in Vietnam in a field hospital, we quickly jump back to follow the first years of Casca’s life after his encounter at the cross. Plus, his blood is now poison; toxic to any living thing. Casca is marooned on a South Seas island inhabited by warring cannibal tribes. I will try book 2 and maybe book 3 to see how Barry treats Casca. Dec 20, John Massey rated it it was amazing.


The Eternal Mercenary

Due to the angle, they couldn’t identify it. He then fights in virtually every major war that has occured in the past yearsfighting alongside and against some of history’s greatest generals and soldiers. Also, the only black character in the whole story is the sort of stereotype I expected from an African character written in the ‘s, not the ‘s. One day he promised himself, One day, white dog So I don’t really feel compelled to read more of these, and I don’t think it’s okay to just ignore all the problematic elements.

Open Preview See a Problem? The character is believable. Casca is drafted into service by the Old Man of The Mercennary to serve in his fanatical sect, the Assassins.

Casca: The Eternal Mercenary (Literature) – TV Tropes

Jan 14, Jeffery rated it it was amazing. Casca merceanry as a general in the army of a Persian caliph and is burned at the stake when he becomes too popular with the troops.

And what’s sad is they still get more personality than any woman in the story. When they flew Casey into the hospital at Nha Trang, Vietnam, the medics were sure he would die. An extremely interesting view o the professional soldier’s life by an author who seems to have felt the pain of war.

Oct 03, Rick rated it really liked it.


The author’s knowledge of history, ancient warfare, and military tactics was quite extensive. He is THE soldier at Christ’s crucifixion who thrusts a spear into the dying Jesus’ side as told in the story from the Bible. I could identify with some of the military jargon, military attitude, and mindset. This first b A character living forever is always a special hook. He curses you to wander the earth till his return.


If you like old men’s adventure novels like Destroyer or Doc Savage, with a heavy dose of history, this can be a fun series. I loved his music, and his bravery and patriotism, but this expands that respect and admiration.

Several women climaxed in their excitement and tried to throw themselves to the arena below. On people of other races: Known as “The Spear of Longinus”the sect worships the spear which forms the central focus at prayer times. In this series, Jesus condemns Casca to remain as a soldier until the Second Coming. I mean, it’s not high art, but it’s a lot of fun.

Casca (series) – Wikipedia

I had bought this back when I was in high school but never had time to sit down and read back then. I think I might have read a Casca book or two back in the 70’s, along with the likes of the Executioner and Destroyer books as well. Over the years many onlookers assume that Eteral received the wound while in battle; Casca just chuckles and thinks, “If they only knew.

In this first book, Jesus looks down at Casca and says: You know that Jesus fella? Nov 24, Justin rated it it was amazing Recommended to Justin by: He grew up in the hill country of Etruria, now known as Tuscany, to the north of Rome. His family died of plague and the young Casca burned the family home afterward.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Since Barry Sadler’s death inthe Casca series started in has continued on with contributing ghost writers. I have 20 of the 22 and will complete them all.