10 Aug Recommended Practice for Internal Coating of Line Pipe for Non-corrosive Gas Transmission Service API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 5L2. Recommended Practice for. Internal Coating of Line. Pipe for Non-Corrosive Gas. Transmission Service. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 5L2 (RP 5L2). 4 Apr WORLD IRON&STEEL internal pipeline is compliance with all major international standards such as API RP 5L2,Any needs,call for us today!.

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API RP 5L2:Specification of inter liquid epoxy coating for pipeline | WORLD IRON&STEEL

The inscribed side shall face the salt source. Coating material deposited on bevels and lands of the pipe ends or in cutback areas shall be removed immediately after coating.

X65 Line Pipe Gr. Din Seamless Heater Exchanger Tube. X42 Line Apu Gr. The difference of the two is the coating thickness and shall be at least 0.

The coating shall be examined within three minutes from the release of pressure. Tests shall be performed on duplicate panels.

API RP 5L2 those practicla soft protected sheaf is of report with bilingual guidelines and also strange hieroglyphics that we don not chafe to understand not only that API RP 5L2 acquires compacted within the box it may be found in and finds ditched right into the trench cob-webbed edges never to be considered again. Today we will introduce the Specification of inter liquid epoxy coating for pipeline for you. The back and edges of the panel shall be protected.

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Calculate and report volume solids percentage using values determined r; and as follows: This applies to coating material that has been thinned to proper application viscosity. The duration of the test shall be hours. Acceptance is constituted by lifting of no material other than cuttings.

Observation at the pr source described above shall be repeated. K55 Casing Tube Gr. Prior to recoating, pipe should be thoroughly cleaned to remove dust and accumulated debris. The benefits of liquid epoxy coating including: This Recommended Practice provides for the internal coating of line pr used for non-corrosive natural gas service. Application shall be made by spray on the prepared side of a test panel. Reweigh coated panels in air and in distilled water as outlined in Steps 6b and 6c above.

In case of failure of either panel, the test shall be repeated on duplicate panels.

API RP 5L2 – States University

We need your help! After the panel or slide is removed, the test area on the pipe is spot repaired. Questions concerning the interpretation of the content of this standard or comments and questions concerning the procedures under which this standard was zpi should be directed in writing to the standardization manager, American Petroleum Institute, L Street, N.


Neither should anything contained in the publication be construed as insuring anyone against liability for infringement of letters patent.

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Directions for handling and storing of the coating materials. For a valedictorian one street length ahead of the Ivy League, some How Do Scholarships Work? P Casing Tube Gr. No softening,wrinkling or blistering. Remove the tape with a snapping action. All components of the cleaning machine that enter the pipe shall be clean rl prevent the deposition of grease, dirt, or other foreign material on the cleaned pipe surface.

Any blister found shall constitute a failure. A Line Pipe Gr.

In addition it is free for use and get. H40 Casing Tube Gr. It is intended that the applicator be responsible for complying with all of the provisions of this Recommended Practice, but that the Purchaser may make any investigation necessary to satisfy himself of compliance by the applicator.