7 Sep General presentation of under-reamed piles. Mainly for diploma It is 15 to 20% cheaper than the strip footing. 2. Less material required. 3. If the load on foundation is KN (say G+2Floor load), Under reamed pile Generally the foundation design is made on the preliminary estimated values. It is found that under-reamed piles provide an ideal solution to foundation in black cotton soil or other similar types of expansive soils. The design guidelines of.

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The minimum depth of grade beams is 0. Single under-ream piles have been extensively used for single- or double-storied buildings. The safe loads in compression and uplift given in Table For a pile group with desgin at a spacing of 2 D uthe group capacity may be taken equal to the sum of the load-carrying capacity of the individual piles in the group.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Bearing Capacity of the Soil: The minimum clear cover for main reinforcement in the pile cap is 7. The anchorage provided by the under-ream pile prevents cracks in floors and walls of buildings in expansive soil areas.

Computation of the ultimate load using Eqs. First create a competitive CV or Resume for success in your career.

Under-Ream Pile Foundations: Objectives and Design | Soil Engineering

Similarly, ultimate load capacity of piles for foundarion piles —. The maximum clear spacing of transverse reinforcement in the form of circular stirrups is the diameter of the stirrups or 30 cm, whichever is less.


Your email address will not be published. To obtain adequate load-carrying capacity for downward, upward, and lateral loads and moments.

For expansive soils, this depth should not be less than 1. After the bore is made to the required depth, the base may be enlarged made by using an under-reaming tool. Some of these are provision for reinforced concrete ties or bands all around the main walls of the building, removing entire black cotton soil where desgn or commencing construction during dry seasons.

To provide anchorage to the foundation for preventing its movement in a vertical direction due to alternate swelling and shrinkage of the soil in expansive soils caused by seasonal changes in the moisture content. Safest Foundation Solution for Black Cotton soil. The piles should resist the imposed loads as a structural member with adequate factor of safety.

Design Guidelines of Under-Reamed Pile

In case of under-reamed piles, dia of pile denoted by D may varies between 20 to 50 cm whereas the dia of under-ream bulb denoted by Du is normally 2. The top of concrete in a pile should be brought above the unxer level to permit removal of all laitance and weak concrete before construction of the pile cap to ensure good concrete at the foundatkon level for proper embedment of the pile into the pile cap.

For such a soils the geotech engineers have got a solution in the form of a specially designed pile foundation called under-reamed pile foundation. The safe load on the under-ream piles may be computed using the following three methods: The bulb is formed by enlarging the stem of the pile near the bottom in a foundqtion conical shape, as shown in Fig. In very loose strata at the top, temporary casing of required length may be used during boring and concreting to avoid an irregular shape and widening of the bore hole.


Pre-cast under ream piles require special pile driving equipment, but have an advantage that in this case no desjgn to drill and bore thus time will be saved. The concrete used for under-ream piles shall have a slump of cm for concreting in water-free unlined bore holes.

Under-Reamed Piles: Safest Foundation Solution for Black Cotton soil

Bore holes are made by earth augers. The diameter of the under-ream bulbs D u is normally 2.

The minimum length of under-ream piles, in deep deposits of expansive soils, should be 3. Design guidelines for Under-Reamed Pile Foundation. Find out some trending tips in construction industry. To provide additional bearing area through the enlarged bulb in firm strata, underlying the top weak or filled-up ground. However, when piles are subjected to uplift, the point-bearing resistance at the toe dessign not be present. The minimum center-to-center spacing of under-ream piles in a group is 1.