In Indu Sundaresan’s lush historical romance, The Twentieth Wife, we read of Mumtaz Mahal’s aunt, Mehrunnisa, a woman known to Indian history as Nur. Indu Sundaresan is an Indian-American author of historical fiction. Contents. 1 Career; 2 Personal; 3 Awards; 4 Works; 5 References; 6 External links. Career[ edit]. Her first novel The Twentieth Wife is about how a young widow named. The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan – An enchanting seventeenth-century epic of grand passion and adventure, this debut novel tells the captivating story of .

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Sep 26, Rebecca rated indy really liked it Shelves: Indu Sundaresan chooses to use the genre of romantic historical fiction. Mehrunissa is favorite daughter of Ghias Beg, a refugee from Persia turned respected royal treasurer under Emperor Akbar.

The Twentieth Wife eBook by Indu Sundaresan | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

He took a deep breath and expelled it slowly. From reading this book and by the curiosity that it has born within me it did cause me to do a little searching.

This is the first audiobook that has been very difficult for me to follow. I have to backtrack repeatedly because the narrator of the audiobook does not pronounce these names clearly. Came to know that in a ‘zenana’ of few hundred wives and concubines, she was the soulmate of Jahangir and even ruled over the kindgom in his name.

This is a book that truly takes you away. Then a prince, Jahangir was likewise enamored with her, but at seventeen she was married off to a soldier named Ali Quli as a sign of favor from the Emperor. The author is a wonderfully descriptive writer. It centers on the rise to prominence of Mehrunnisa, the beautiful, intellectually astute daughter of a Persian courtier to the Mughal emperor, Akbar. American [ citation needed ].


Growing up on the fringes of Emperor Akbar’s opulent palace grounds, Mehrunnisa blossoms into a sapphire-eyed child blessed with a precocious intelligence, luminous beauty, and a powerful ambition far surpassing the bounds of her family’s station. She impressed of one of his wives and spent a good amount of her time in the harem of said Emperor where she caught the eye of his son and heir.

The narration has the feel of a fairytale.

Mehrunnisa is admired because she is ambitious without being bitchy. It is my deep regret that I am not the book’s perfect reader. Indu Sundaresan was born in India and grew up on Air Force bases all over the country.

He got this from his father, Indu’s grandfather, whose visits were always eagerly awaited. Mar 20, Jackie rated it it was amazing Shelves: The infatuation portrayed of a 9-year old girl for year old Prince Salim is somewhat uncanny. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. An enchanting seventeenth-century epic of grand passion and adventure, this debut novel tells the captivating story of one of India’s most legendary and controversial empresses — a woman whose brilliance and determination trumped myriad obstacles, and whose love shaped the course of the Mughal empire.

After Pachinko, my search for another interesting and immersive historical fiction read brought me here. But most of all, there was the wish of the Prince to become Emperor before his time, which angered Akbar, banishing his son to distant places.


My Chinese review for the first gwentieth books: Check out the options available through Archway Publishing. The whole book seemed to me as an excellent chess game.


The writing is smart, fun and captivating.

In fact, other than his good looks, Mehrunnisa claims to be attracted to his strength and leadership. Washington State Book Award So much plot is squeezed into the novel that there’s little time for character development—Mehrunnisa and Jahangir are wooden and one-dimensional creations, and matters aren’t helped by the often stilted prose “restlessness rose over her like tide on a beach”.

They were indeed gorgeous and still the every edifice standing until date from Mughal Era bewitches the viewer with its sundaresxn charms. The narration was good and so were the characters. Discover what to read next. There is something for all in this book not just the romance but war, suspense and much more. Ruqayya promotes Mehrunnisa to offset Jagat Gosini.

Want to read up on all of them but first Nur Jahan I am confused at times Not much is written in the book about how Mehrunissa ruled the country behind her veils. In the Indj of Little Flowers. I started this one about a month ago and have been slowly working my way through it, forcing myself to read at least a paragraph occasionally, before finally deciding to give up the ghost today.

Like most Indian bu I finished reading this book quite some time ago back in and it left quite a deep impact on me and the way I sunndaresan things. View all 24 comments. Wikipedia and some Indian History Books wwife.