The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance (The Mammoth Book of ) by Trisha Telep – book cover, description, publication history. The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance books — the complete book list ( bibliography / backlist). Browse author series lists, sequels, pseudonyms, reviews . 24 Jun From some of the biggest names in Regency historical romance, 25 wickedly witty, lusciously romantic and sublimely sensual short stories.

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There Annabelle meets Daniel, a man she fell in love with last year at a house party but felt she must have been his amusement as she never heard back from him again. Stories replete with oversexed aristocrats, posturing courtesans and feuding dukes and duchesses tell of a beautiful lady awakened by a passion more powerful than anything she has ever known, one that could doom or save her; a disgraced rake who, given a final chance to redeem himself, discovers love has rules of its own; and a luscious young beauty fed up wit.

The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance

Can this chance encounter help repair the damage? The Mammoth Quiz Book Details.

Mammoth Books presents Telling Details. The bastard forced his sexual urges on a seventeen year old girl he had just married, leaving her scared and hurt – no wonder Alicia was afraid of his touch and wasn’t very responsive in bed. This short story is a wonderful example of that. Her short story is that of an estranged husband and wife.

Well, it mostly didn’t? Adorable, sweet, and very lovely. Dora is consumed with grief, struggling to get through each day and Joe is suddenly distant, finding solace in his colleague, Ivy. Trivia About The Mammoth Book Is he ready to listen to her side of the story?

After five years barely getting by after her father disowned Millie, her father is dead and she needs to go and find out if she will get to even have the place she lives in or if she will be completely cut off. Will Grace ever find the happiness and home she deserves?


His surprise was great when the woman finally looked up and he seen his wife. Same old same old. Dora Evans is finally marrying the love of her life, Joe Rodgers, and her dreams of opening a dressmaking business look as if they might come true.

When she asks for his help to raise money for the local eomance, he’s happy to oblige. Remember – Michele Ann Young Charlotte, the widow Madame Beauchere, hopes to set her father free from prison by snaring a husband, but the boy’s family who she hopes to marry instead hires Gerard Arnfield to stop her.

I didn’t even question the fact that Ella was ready to go recklessly into the night with Ashe. Next door neighbors talking over the back garden wall?

He asks who the man is who won’t notice her and she can’t tell him that he is the one. Trisha Telep surpassed herself with the choice of stories and the editing seems perfect.

Oh well, to be expected with so short a story 3 stars Stolen by Emma Wildes – Hero takes advantage of the opportunity presented to seduce the heroine, his best friend since childhood, whom he has loved for years 3 stars Her Gentleman Thief by Robyn DeHart – Curvy, on-the-shelf heroine flees with a highwayman, convinced her intended does not care for her.

So what was the point? She’s regecny to an orphanage in Blackpool, but the master has an eye for a pretty young lass.

The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance by Trisha Telep

Upon a Midnight Clear – Anna Campbell Lord Kinvarra helps a couple from a carriage wreck only to discover his estranged wife! How could this go wrong? Mammoth Books presents Lethal Legends Details. Have they met their equal? Regfncy niece is sure she is in love with a gardner and Annabelle knows getting her away will show her it is not true love.


People scorn him for his looks. She was warm and kind and did not stare or react to his face. Tessa got caught having a rendezvous with Garrett at a ball and her reputation was ruined, and then Garrett went off to war.

The Mammoth Book of Insults Details. This was a lot of misunderstandings and well meaning people ot not so well meaning people interfering. Desperate to protect her sister–and not get married–she foolishly agrees to be the highwayman’s captive.

The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance – Google Books

To protect Penny she asks him to take her with him. His Wicked Revenge – Vanessa Kelly Hte Marissa Paget meets up with her first love thirteen years after her father had cast him out onto the street and forced her to marry another.

It’s kinda a mix of the second and the twelfth and the fifteenth story. The more he looked at her and then walked with her in the garden the more things he noticed about her more as a woman then just a friend. She left him five years ago to run off to France with her lover, that is what the note said his father gave him. If only all the play acting attention romande real from him.

He won’t be quite so easy to control. She helps young women elope after investigating their beaus, due to her desire to keep women safe after what happened to her mother and herself. Moonlight – Carolyn Jewel Phillipa helped the Earl of Dane, a family friend, and six years her junior, throw a party.