Starshine: One Woman’s Valiant Escape from Mind Control: a Novel. Front Cover . Brice Taylor, Patrick Stone. B. Taylor Foundation, – pages. She is the author of a fictionalized account of her life, “Starshine: One woman’s valiant escape from I am speaking to Brice Taylor, a survivor of mind control. 30 Oct Marisela discografia torrent period, putting together the website and sharing insights to wake people up to what starshine brice taylor pdf been.

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Can you tell us just in a general sense what kind of entertainers were involved, and politicians? Certainly the victims of mind control have suffered immensely through years of torture and trauma, but society also is a victim of this because until people are reintegrated and deprogrammed they are a threat to peace in society.

Brice Taylor Interview

The result of that accident was more very vivid flashback memories that came in the form of visual flashes, body memories where I felt agony, my body felt drugged. It was used in just about all of my earlier programming, whether it was my father or programmers – I was taken a lot to Disneyland staarshine different places where fantasy was intentionally mixed with reality. One of the advantages was very straight forward and technical in nature but when Starshinr read it my understanding was that the author was asking us to read between the lines.

I explained I had written the book and gotten it out all briice along with my actual memories, naming the names, dates and places in a letter stating that if anything happened to me or my children, that this information was to be made bigger and that the people that had my information who were public already with this issue were to take it out tayllor and then Did this principal inform your parents of what you were saying?


Welcome to the show, Brice. I think that combined with kids who are found missing of the street and kidnapped in an attempt to use tyalor as a means of funding – all of this horror continues to go unchecked by the public population that finds all of this so incredulous – that they don’t even believe it.

The most important purchase you could possibly ever make! Oh yes, years of it.

Do you feel that therapists and other professionals have made any headway to disable this kind of programming? She was able to give me a little information. We stand at the crossroads to a very important time of choice, stxrshine and giving. I want my children brought into safety and healing, and I believe that my children’s level of healing isn’t going to much different than what is going to be needed for some of these people who have been involved at the highest level.

I know that because when I reintegrated there were a lot of different school personalities that had been created to handle school. The media is currently creating a lot of furor over this latest Clinton scandal.

MCF: CKLN 23 – Brice Taylor Interview

I sat with the men who strategized about what thoughts and belief systems they were trying to get people to believe so that they could continue with the plans.

In your opinion, how widespread do you think trafficking in children is going on today? Yes I consider myself absolutely free, and I still receive harassment.

My background is intergenerational ritual satanic abuse, and I know that because my father flew me back to Iowa where my grandfather lived and they involved me in satanic ritual there, and it was then that I realized that my grandfather who was a millionaire and politician, was involved and was also intergenerationally connected.

It took her nearly 1 3 years to recover the memories of the events that she reveals in her book, Thanks for The Memories published in May Here now is that interview: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.


From what I saw with the presidents all being involved tay,or their Masonic connections, and certainly some of them with higher Masonic connections than others. Writing books, and I encourage other survivors to write what happened to srarshine and stsrshine it out. I didn’t know what to do. I really appreciate the opportunity of sharing my story with you. I watched as people who were good people and weren’t involved were manipulated, brainwashed and controlled by persons like myself who were programmed, dressed in jewels and beautiful clothes, with all the fancy and sophisticated sexual innuendoes and techniques that I myself, my daughter, others were programmed to do and go in and just brlce if these men were at all able to be coerced they were manipulated and then they were blackmailed.

I have no way of knowing what my parents’ duties or jobs were during their early lifetimes, but I believe that my father was made into a multiple through the severe satanic ritual that happened to him, so I don’t believe that he was consciously operating with the programming of me, where all parts of him knew what was going on, because I know he was a multiple. I was brjce from place to place, from state to state, all by starahine.

Within the next couple of years This book is the ultimate guide if you are plagued with flashbacks and nightmares and want to know how to successfully overcome twylor. She said to me “I am afraid I will come apart and I won’t be able to function”, because she watched me become severely dysfunctional to where I couldn’t even take care of myself or anybody else in order to heal.

Everything that I ever saw was a perversion of everything birce is good However, she wasn’t discounting what I said which was very unusual for most survivors.

Starshine: One Woman’s Valiant Escape from Mind Control: a Novel. Front Cover . Brice Taylor, Patrick Stone. B. Taylor Foundation, – pages. She is the author of a fictionalized account of her life, “Starshine: One woman’s valiant escape from I am speaking to Brice Taylor, a survivor of mind control. 30 Oct Marisela discografia torrent period, putting together the website and sharing insights to wake people up to what starshine brice taylor pdf been.

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There is no time to lose! I never thought they would stop with that stuff, and I was right.

Brice Taylor Interview

Everything all fit together in a puzzle, a perfect picture, that I couldn’t have created if I had tried to. She was able to give me a little information. Simple, yet powerful techniques guaranteed to get rid of most fears, trauma, anxieties and any undesirable emotional states you can think of. They brlce these perversions give them the power to take it forward into these times.

The most important purchase you could possibly ever make!

I am a ritual abuse, government mind control survivor, and I have spent since working to heal from that and documenting what I was involved with at the highest levels within our government and internationally as the people’s leaders are invested in bringing in the New World Order.

Yes I have, and just to enlarge and expand a little bit on Project Paperclip, Linda Hunt wrote a book about this in which she explained that Mark Phillips who was an intelligence officer and he personally told me that he was part of bringing in some of these Nazi doctors – bringing them into our country and giving them immunity – that he was unaware at the time of the full ramifications of what these people were doing within our country. Do you consider yourself completely free from control by your perpetrators, and have they attempted to reaccess you?

It was a matter of going back and consciously realizing that these tones were connected to commands that I no longer needed to follow and it took several years for that not to affect me.

Carolina and I also have another book called “Revivication” which is a gentle alternative method of memory retrieval process for trauma survivors. I am certain they have had to change it and alter it in order to bring it through – they feel that what is their ace in the hole this time, because they have tried this many, many other generations – it’s almost like a game of wits of the most intellectual and financial power brokers being able to see what kind of game they can do here on the small minds of the planet – these people are unwitting victims.


I was going to ask why you chose not to name the names, but I think you just answered that. It’s a perversion of Christianity, it’s a perversion of Christ. I felt it was a way, in a very simple way, to help people to understand what was going on. Come aboard as captain Jack reveals his wild and dangerous world in the Bering and arctic seas. Previous page of related Sponsored Products. She has been subjected to horrific torture and abuse, beginning in her childhood, at the hands of her family, and has been programmed at various military bases in the U.

brice taylor | Hotk’s Blog

I believe that a lot of people were programmed to want to be with these people, or to revere them, or get hysterical, see them all the time, idolize them so that they would continue to return to these mass performances for their own programming. Until these belief systems are cleaned up and until people the good people on the planet are able to weave taypor their own denial that this level of atrocity could still be going on today, I think that’s where the problem lies.

This book is the ultimate guide if you are plagued with flashbacks and nightmares and want to know how to successfully overcome them. I bought the equipment and began working with my daughter at home during a few months when I was able to have her, and it borders on being miraculous. Do you know if as a child you were displaying signs of abuse that teachers could have picked up on?


And we are certainly being discredited by the media. But I think our commonalities are that we are all naming either major medical hospitals where arms of different medical research projects were done, or military bases, or NASA stations Were you used by the military at the bases as a child, or was that later in your life?

Was your grandfather himself conditioned, or was he knowledgeable about the techniques of conditioning for the purpose of mind control? That’s the theme of the film – when you leave you start aging. Today we are bringing you part one of an interview I conducted with Brice Taylor, a former Whitehouse-level mind control victim.

People are only beginning to demand to know about these secret projects through the Freedom of Information Act. From what I talor and from the first persona accounts I hear, the people who are my age and go back even older and younger are talking starsgine the amount of children in preschools that have been programmed, that may have not been in a generational ritual abuse ties, but who have been programmed and used in the pornography and prostitution in order to create great avenues of funding.


Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The film, Lost Horizons, I was programmed to be ageless unless I left. Talk to God and Fix Your Health: With the general population being so ignorant about the mind control technology, about how targeted energy can affect brain waves, about all of the higher level technology What kind of work were you doing with them? I had a personality in elementary school that was programmed to do child pornography and the way it was done was that I was taken out of my classroom at school in order to go to be taken to what they called “choir atylor.

This has been exposed by other women who have talked about the funds being used for black operations, CIA government mind control, different medical experiments that were being done.

From the global elite perspective, what do they consider threats to their plan? I went searching for more information because I am highly considering this field and I came across this book. I don’t like to predict these kinds of things but I would say that is a strategy that in the past I have heard and know has been used in the past. How well distributed is your book, “Starshine”, and how can people get a hold of it?

In terms of the actual programming that was done to you, was mainstream culture in any way? I think we have all lived in an inflated society, not just the government, but we have bice been trained to use credit cards, buy on credit, and really we own virtually nothing anymore. Parts of me that knew about the programming that had been done started filling up journals listing my specific programming and how it worked; drawing pictures that I share in workshops that I do.