30 May After the Second World War, the Allies betrayed their own civilizing values – the Atlantic Charter, the Four Freedoms, and the Geneva. 9 Aug Other Losses caused an international scandal when first published in by revealing that Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower’s. Other Losses has 68 ratings and 8 reviews. Other Losses: An Investigation Into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of James Bacque. Other.

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Bischoff stated that, even in Bacque’s later released Bacue edition, “Bacque refuses to address the overwhelming evidence that there jams been a great shortage of food in central Europe, beyond admitting that there was a food crisis in Lther in ” and “but again he turns the evidence on its head when he charges that ‘Allied food policy [no longer does he heap the blame on the Americas alone, as in his Canadian edition] deliberately hampered the Germans in attempting to feed themselves.

In a Time Magazine book review, Ambrose did, however, apart from his criticisms of the book, concede that “We as Americans can’t duck the fact that terrible things happened. Bacque states that the press was also prevented from visiting the camps, and therefore was unable to report on the state of the camps and the condition of the prisoners.

While harsh treatment of prisoners occurred, no evidence exists that it was part of an organized systematic effort. As jame celebrated the victory of our Very tediously written badly organized and repetitious–and looks like it was padded out for publication –but the story it tells is appalling.

Department of Justice, DD Not even Field Marshal Montgomery. How could the Americans almost one-third of whom bcque by ethnic background German conspire for so long to cover up such a vast crime?

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Other Losses – Wikipedia

In a letter, General Everett Hughes stated that there were “more stocks than we can ever use; stretch as far as eye can see. Army warehouses had The New Orleans panel’s book introduction concluded “[t]hat Bacque is wrong on nearly every major and nearly all his minor charges seem to us to be overwhelmingly obvious.

Army reports that Bacque states actually reflects a body count of German prisoners that died of slow starvation or diseases. Numerous reviews of the book written by the top talent in the military history profession such as John Keegan and Russel Weigley were persuaded by the findings of the book.

No question about it, there were individual American camp guards who took revenge on German POWs based on their hatred of the Nazis. The mountain of evidence has been building that Bacque’s charge of the “missing million” supposedly perishing in the American and French POW camps in Germany and France is based on completely faulty interpretation of statistical data.

It has long been known that German prisoners of war suffered terribly at the end of World War II, that they died by the thousands after hostilities ceased in the European theater, and that many were required to work as forced laborers for the victors.

Villa also states that Bacque’s assertion that the British rejected designations to not comply with the GC requirements are entirely unfounded and ignore that the British themselves requested that they be permitted to use such designations, with that request being granted by the CCS and used in surrenders to British troops.

This is supported by a US Army document lodged in the US National Archives which “plainly states” that the “Other Losses” category of prisoners was for deaths and escapes. That a victor was able to hide and still continues to deny the savage treatment of German soldiers and civilians after winning WWII is a horrendous example of too much power placed into the hands of willful and devious men.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So too with German civilians—about 13 million altogether crossing the Elbe to escape the Russians, and the number of slave laborers and displaced persons liberated was almost 8 million instead of the 5 million expected.

Other Losses by James Bacque

So much for Bacque’s careful use of sources. Very tediously written badly organized and repetitious–and looks like it was padded out for publication –but the story it tells is appalling. He said, “Our responsibility for the proper use of relief supplies placed in our care is incompatible with a restriction to the fulfilment of orders which render us powerless to furnish relief which we ourselves judge necessary.

Emma Campbell rated it liked it Jul 01, InBacque visited the newly-opened KGB archives where he discovered more evidence to lossss his claim. Army had to improvise for months in taking care of the masses of prisoners to prevent a catastrophe: Pages to import images to Wikidata. Bacque studied philosophy and history and the University of Toronto, where he also holds an bachelor of othfr. Mar 26, TrumanCoyote rated it liked it. This important work has remained in print through many editions.

Autographed by the author. Preview — Other Losses by James Bacque. An interesting look into American treatment of German solders after WW2.

Bacque revealed that as a result of the policies of the Western Allies, some 1, Facts against Falsehood refuted Bacque’s wily misinterpretations of statistics and oral history evidence in detail. Few others will do so. Alex Frame rated it liked it Apr 16, This left one with a loss and the other with a gain.

Army sent the trains back, saying their own warehouses were full.