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Requirements for welding and inspection of stainless outfitting structures shall follow similar classification principles as for other structural steel elements, see annex G.

Selection of a better steel quality level in fabrication than the minimum required by the designer shall not lead to more stringent requirements in fabrication. During the initial fabrication the extent of UT and MT of inspection category B and C welds shall be intensified, normally to twice the level given in Table nodsok. Hydrogen testing shall be according to ISO or equivalent. Documentation of correct performance shall include macrophotography.

The WPQR documentation shall include the material certificates for the base material and filler materials applied in the weld qualification test. Annexes C, D, E and G are normative. The defect rate statistics shall be used as a tool in weld quality control.

Minimum one test coupon is required from each applied welding process. Reference samples for typical joints and sections may be prepared and used for acceptance of treated welds.

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Arc welding ISOSpecification and onrsok of welding procedures for metallic materials — Welding procedure test — Part 1: Crevices and areas which become inaccessible after fabrication or assembly shall be sealed off from the outside atmosphere.

NORSOK standard M Edition 5, October Operators simply producing radiographs and not performing evaluation, do not require level 2, but shall have sufficient training. For material thickness less or equal to 25 mm, tack length may be minimum 4 x plate thickness. The temperature difference between different parts of the structure during soaking time shall not exceed 30 qC within the heated area.


Typical examples for requirements for grinding of joints are given in A. Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. All other personnel who are carrying out one or more welding activities according to ISOAnnex B, are welding coordinators. NDT after repair shall not be included nodsok calculating the defect rate.

Non-destructive testing of welds — Ultrasonic testing — Testing of welds in austenitic steels and nickel-based alloys Material data sheets for structural steel Design of steel structures Welding and inspection of piping Welding. You need to log in before adding standards to the monitoring service. Normally pregrinding of a groove will be required to assure correct location of peening area.

Temporary cut outs shall have a corner radius not less than mm. The increased initial testing may be accounted for in the overall extent provided the initial testing confirms consistent good workmanship. Causes for non-conformance shall be immediately investigated and corrective action shall be taken to prevent further occurrence. Cracks or other persistent weld defects may lead to revision and requalification of the WPS.

CTOD-testing of welds shall be carried out with the fatigue notch tip positioned in the coarse grained region of the heat affected zone and in the weld metal. Arc welding of stainless steels EN However, ambiguous imperfections revealed by UT shall in addition be tested by RT; d ultrasonic testing is normally not applicable for thicknesses less than 10 mm. For highly fatigue utilized structures, more severe requirements may apply, and these will be shown on the design drawings.


A low defect rate may be used as basis for a reduction in the extent of NDT for inspection categories B, C and D, provided that a correct defect rate identification is prepared for each weld method, each NDT method b and each production area, see Table 3, table footnote.

The base material properties shall satisfy the specified requirements after straightening. Ultrasonic operators performing inspection of welds in duplex stainless steel material shall be specially rd trained and qualified for the purpose according to EN or equivalent 3 party certification scheme When testing of castings or forgings, the NDT operator shall document experience with forged and cast products.

Requirements to components in stainless steel and Ni-alloys are given in Annex G. If not specified, the requirement for minimum CTOD value shall be as for the steel purchase order.

Prior to fabrication start-up, contractor shall implement a system for recording of quality status. Techstreet standards in subscription.

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The preheat temperatures used during repair welding should be minimum 50 qC higher than the preheat used for the original weld.

If a production test fails, the reason for the failure shall be determined and remedial action implemented. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Read more norspk subscriptions.