Each paper shall have 25 questions. Following are the MAH MCA CET sample questions on Computer Concepts (CC). 1] The small, touch-sensitive. Previous 5 years solved question papers of MAH MCA CET? You can download previous years papers of MCA MH-CET from the following. 11 Sep MAH CET MCA Question Paper Previous Year Papers (MCET MCA Entrance) Answer Keys Free Download pdf MH MCA CET Last

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Sc Paoers Management M. D in Paramedical M. Areas, triangles and quadrilaterals, area and circumference of circles, volumes and surface areas of simple solids such as cubes, spheres, cylinders and cones. What will be the value of j on termination of the segment? One third of the marbles are picked from the bag, at random, and thrown away.

MAH MCA CET Exam Pattern- Check here

Suppose a system has been evolved, called the ternary system, by creatures having only 3 fingers. D in Management M. There would be negative marking i. Know your destination before getting started.

MAH ­MCA ­CET – 2017 (Maharashtra CET 2017)

Get all your queries answered in-depth, along with important document templates! Aspiring candidates uqestion visit the official website and follow the instruction given there to apply for the same. D in Veterinary Science D. There is no specific upper or lower age limit for taking this exam.

The number of sections in the examination has been updated to two since Ratios and mxa, problems on time-work, distance-speed, percentage etc. General aptitude section is easier to score than computer concepts section.


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Each wrong answer will carry 1 negative mark. These kinds of questions are answered based on the reasoning done on the information provided. If Chetan meets Shailu every 66 seconds and Bhushan meets Shailu every seconds, how frequently in seconds will Chetan meet Bhushan?

Assembly language and high level language, Multiprogramming and time sharing operating systems, Computer Programming in C. Basic Set Theory and Functions: Learn why is engineering so popular in India? Information is provided that requires you to interpret it and then apply the appropriate logic to answer the questipn. Syllabus The questions in this paper will cover: D in Pharmacy M. Kindly click on mah-mca-cet. Rectangular Cartesian co-ordinates, equations of a line, mid-point, intersections etc.

Each paper shall have 25 questions Contents: What is the maximum number of points in space that can be equidistant from each other?

It consists of 25 questions. Top 20 engineering colleges in India after the IITs? Chetan, Bhushan and Shailu start running at the same time from the same point on a circular track of 70 meters radius. The schedule displayed above is provisional and may change under unavoidable circumstances.

In case, such candidate fails to produce the results of the final year examination on or before 25th Septemberthen admission offered to such candidate automatically stands canceled and the fees tuition, development and other fees paid by the candidate will be forfeited.

What is the probability that the product of two consecutive non-negative integers will be a number ending with 0. D in Engineering Ph.

Such reasoning is based on real time scenarios like financial data etc. A sample question paper with answers is given in this section to help you understand the kind of questions that you can expect in your entrance exam.


Studying abroad- Learn from the Experts! Assembly language and high level language, Computer Programming in C.

For the Maharashtra State Type A candidates the Home University shall be considered on the basis of place of passing the Graduation degree examination. It should be noted that no documents are required to be submitted at this stage. There would be negative marking.

Log in with Facebook. D in Arts M. Fundamental operations in Algebra, Expansion, factorization, Quadratic equations, indices, logarithms, arithmetic, geometric and harmonic progressions, binomial theorem, permutations and combinations. Differential equations of first order and their solutions, linear differential equations with constant coefficients, homogenous linear differential equations. Simple identities, trigonometric equations, properties of triangles, solution of triangles, height and distance, inverse function.

It involves the basic principles of arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Each paper shall have 25 questions. D in Design M. The Online CET would be comprised of two online papers i. Differential equations of first order and their solutions, linear differential equations with constant coefficients, homogenous linear differential equations.

Each correct answer will carry 4 marks. Ratios and proportions, problems on time-work, distance-speed, percentage, etc. Candidates are advised to keep the necessary original documents ready for verification at the time of Document verification stage, during Centralised Admission Process CAP.