HandPunch E. ®. Biometric Time & Attendance Terminal. A Biometric Ethernet time clock that is truly affordable for small to midsize businesses. FEATURES. Step-by-step instruction on how to add user to the HandPunch for your Time and However, you can also add a new user to HandPunch manually by following. SCHLAGE HP Security System pdf manual download. HandPunch Manual HAND PLACEMENT DISPLAY VERIFICATION LIGHTS LCD DISPLAY.

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Press for the Service Menu.

Ingersoll-Rand SCHLAGE HP-1000 User Manual

HandPunch Manual 5. HandPunch Setup and User 1.

Press for the Setup Menu. Uandpunch User Data — HandPunch Manual Preparation Here are a few guidelines to help you prepare for an enrollment session. Navigating Enter the appropriate password to enter the Setup command menu. Page 37 HandPunch Manual Preparation Here are a few 10000e to help you prepare for an enrollment session. Navigating Command Menus HandPunch Manual Navigating Once you have entered a command menu, there are three options available for navigating the command menu system.

Technical Support | Troubleshoot & Repair | Manuals

Wiring Connections Once the HandPunch is attached to the wall plate the wiring connections to the HandPunch can be made see Figure Attaching the HandPunch to the Wall Plate Press to enter the command shown on the display. Appendix C Table The following section provides a brief summary of the employee data that may be manipulated on a HandPunch unit.


The higher the gauge mnaual, the smaller the diameter, the thinner the wire, and the greater the electrical resistance. Page 50 Mnaual C Table To print the manual completely, please, download it. Press for the Security Menu. User Scores should be reviewed periodically to ensure the HandPunch is performing properly. Don’t show me this message again.


The display appears as follows. The first person to enroll in the HandPunch has access to all command menus. Appendix C Erasing the Perform the following steps to erase both the configuration data and the user database.

This command accommodates users with disabilities that make it difficult or impossible to use a HandPunch in its standard way. Don’t have an account? Handpunch To Host Computer Connection Planning an Installation Additional options installed and specific configurations within the HandPunch make it difficult to predict precisely how long battery support will last, but in general two hours of battery operation can be expected. This person should enroll using the Add Supervisor command see page Planning an Installation Site Before you begin installation, check the site blueprints, riser diagrams, and specifications Preparation for important information about HandPunch location and for other systems that connect to the HandPunch.


Press for the Management Menu. Page 46 Appendix C 6. Page of 60 Go.

While operating on battery backup due to uandpunch of main input power, the battery output voltage is constantly monitored by internal circuitry. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

If a number of scores average over 30, handpuncy the HandPunch and check scores again. Once a supervisor has been enrolled, all further enrollments use the following rules: Once NOTE a user has been enrolled using the Add Supervisor designated as a supervisorall further user authority levels are assigned.

Wall Plate Installation Wall Preparation For the following procedure protect the HandPunch from the dust and debris generated during the wall plate installation process. It will save you considerable time if you assign the ID numbers 11000e advance. Press for the Enrollment Menu.