Kosmetik Indonesia, ), elongation test, drying time test, physical Depkes RI, , Formularium Kosmetika Indonesia. Faculty of Pharmacy, Andalas University, Padang-Indonesia ; Formularium Kosmetik Indonesia, ), elongation test (Mustika. Fakultas Farmasi, Universitas Mulawarman, Samarinda, Indonesia. 2 Kelompok Indonesia. Karamunting .. [6] Depkes, Formularium Kosmetika Indonesia.

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Nakayama Shoten Publishers; According to Ketaren 17essential oils have volatile properties even at room temperature. Dosage of 1 g gel taken then smeared on the inner sleeve with 2 x 2 cm2, covered with a bandage and adhesive tape were left for 24 hours.

Formularium Kosmetika Indonesia Pdf 31 · GitBook (Legacy)

Then put probandus both hands into the test cage that already containing blood hungry female Ae. Aedes aegypti kosjetika a dengue fever vector indonesi has a fairly high incidence in Indonesia.

Honey is a viscous liquid, sweet and delicious, bright yellow or golden yellow produced by animals insects called bees or wasps Purbaya, US 8, B2; Comparative repellency of 38 essential oils against mosquito bites. The results of the safety test showed no skin irritation, whereas the HET-CAM test showed that the hair tonic containing licorice extract showed mild eye irritation. Penuntun Ilmu Kosmetik Medik. The vast increase given by the dosage can be calculated Hair loss and herbs for treatment.

Since a long time ago, honey has been used as a base kosmetiak skin care.

Shaving soap are originally prepared in bar or cake form. Irritation test to 20 female with age 20 — 30 years old man and woman with put it on the back of hands for 2 hours in 3 days and the result is no irritation indication happend. Amount of mosquito landed on control gel base only R: Although it does not decompose, essential oils will absorb oxygen from the air, resulting in changes in color, aroma, and viscosity that may cause changes in the chemical properties of the essential oils.

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Abstract Starfruit Averrhoa bilimbi Linn. Plant Med Suppl ; Honey contains several sugar molecules such as glucose and fructose, a small amount of minerals, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, whose composition varies according to the quality of the nectar and pollen that are rich with vitamin A, vitamin C and antibiotics Aden, One of the most common. Observed symptoms such as redness and itching on the skin.

Kontribusi bahan obat alam dalam mengatasi krisis bahan obat di Indonesia, Jurnal Bahan Alam Indonesia, 1 1: Homogeneity examination was done by placing 1 g of the preparation on a piece of transparent glass, these stock must show a homogeneous structure and should not be seen any spots particles Gelling material consist of carrageenan, distilled water, propilenglikol, and sodium benzoate.

The result is less compared to modified gel with fixative patchouli oil, 1. Uji Potensi Antimikroba terhadap S. Quantitative analysis of glycyrrhizic acid from the licorice ethanol extract with a ultraviolet spectrophotometer showed a level of about Gel form preparations is more widely used because of the cold feel on the skin, dries easily, form a continuous film that is easy to wash, and easy to use 9.

Protection power is calculated by a formula 6: But the dispertion difference between unmodified citronella gel and modified gel with patchouli oil fixation is not significant. Individual protection and 6.


Honey and Honey peel-off masks Table 3. In this study, 2.

Febriyenti1*, Fifi Harmely2 and Pipit Novita sari2

Citronella oil mixed with patchouli oil and propylene glycol which has been weighed in erlenmeyer accordance to the formula, then stirred at rpm for 10 minutes without heating mixture 1.

Impact per Publication IPP: Mixture 1 was added to the mixture 2 and then stirred quickly. Citronella oil has been widely used as repellent. Cosmetic Formulation of Skin Care Product, Irritation test conducted with a patch test on human skin. Tested gel is left for 2 months at room temperature.

In vivo evaluation of hair growth potential of fresh leaf extracts of Naringi crenulata. Different results were shown by DEET which began to decline in the fourth hour of repellent test.

Activity of Modified Citronella Repellent Gel against Aedes aegypti | riandi riandi –

Verlag Fur Chemische Industrie; One infective mosquito over a bites period of time will be able to transmit the virus to more than one person.

Quantitative analysis of glycyrrhizic acid in crude drug and its herbal. The physical stability test showed that the licorice extract hair tonic has good physical stability. Auth with social network: Conclusion Based on the result, concluded that both citronella gel formulation have the potential to be an effective repellent.

Table 1 Protection Power within 6 hour against Ae. Trop J Pharm ;11 5: Acidity examination Martin et al.