Power. Rating, 8kVA, 10 kVA, 12 kVA, 15 kVA at power factor. Topology, True double-conversion online UPS. Electrical Input. Nominal input voltage, V. Eaton UPS Technical Specs. Stand-alone UPS with 1-phase input / 1- phase output. Stand-alone UPS with 3-phase input / 1-phase output. External battery. Eaton and (10/15 kVA) Internal Battery Instructions. English (US). Jul- Powerware UPS Seismic Kit Installation Instructions. English (US).

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UPS Backup Power System |

Intelligent Power Manager even integrates with several virtualization platforms allowing ease of management and live migration, which will transparently move virtual machines from a server affected by a power interruption to a non-affected server on the network, maintaining data integrity with no downtime. Learn more about the service offered. Proactive monitoring enables technical experts to respond immediately to more than 40 alarm conditions and, in many cases, resolve issues remotely with minimal or no downtime.

Warranty and service plans Eaton’s UPS warranty and service options provide the system uptime, convenience and value that is right for you and your business. Provides more real wattage in less space with a. Intelligent Power Protector Provides automatic, graceful shutdown of PCs, servers and virtual machines during extended power outages.


Battery Replacement for UPS. Available as an emergency lighting UPS. The can be equipped with an integrated, customizable power distribution module that includes a maintenance bypass switch. The software suite includes the following applications, as well as a user-friendly wizard to guide users through software selection and installation:.

Features and Benefits Protects connected equipment from all nine of the most common power anomalies Provides more real wattage in less eaaton with a.

Questions before you buy Email link above or call us Toll free: It consolidates complex data from a multitude of devices … View more from around the globe into easy-to-understand graphical reports. Find a Distributor Exporters. State if in US: Warranty, Service Agreement, Terms and Conditions.

But when the power goes out for longer than your available battery runtime, Intelligent Power Protector software facilitates automatic, graceful shutdown of computers, servers and powwrware devices powered by a UPS, saving all work-in-progress and ensuring data integrity.

Eaton Intelligent Power Manager. Eaton offers a comprehensive line of optional wall-mounted maintenance bypass panels compatible with the UPS. Catalogue des produits et des services Canadian-French. Additional eafon benefits include:.

Using our signature Hot Sync paralleling technology, up to three modules can be paralleled for extra capacity or redundancy. Additional options Wall-mount maintenance bypass panels Eaton offers a comprehensive line of optional wall-mounted maintenance bypass panels compatible with poweraare UPS.


Eaton 9155 UPS Technical Specs

Additional eNotify benefits include: Features A true online, double-conversion topology protects connected equipment from all nine of the most common power problems Delivers maximum power density in a compact tower design: Eaton UPS two-year limited warranty. The plug-and-play architecture organizes power distribution, simplifies cable management and lets you add and change IT equipment without an electrician.

The EMP can also be configured to provide status of two additional contact devices such as smoke detectors or open-door sensors. Our patented load-sharing control intelligently distributes the workload among modules without requiring direct communications links among them. Contact me about this product.

Providing customers with increased flexibility, the BPM saves users money on electrical costs and … View more lowers upfront costs while protecting against downtime during equipment maintenance.

Eaton – Options Jump to: The cumulative result of these advancements is maximum economy, adaptability, and power performance. Proven warranty and support services Customers consistently rank Eaton services number one in quality. A scalable architecture makes this an uncommonly versatile UPS.