Earthing has ratings and reviews. Jodi said: When I first heard about this concept I was very sceptical. I am a big supporter of orthomolecular a. Shop huge selection of high quality Earthing products like starter kits, grounded sheets, mats & more. Everything you need for Earthing and grounding at home!. The Earthing Institute – Reconnecting People To The Planet. Earthing Institute Logo. ABOUT. What is Earthing; Key Benefits. Stress relief ยท Pain/Inflammation.

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Earthing for Health & EMF Protection

Earthing also protects against EMF exposure; so talking on your cell phone outdoors while grounded will eliminate po This book is a compilation of 10 years of research on grounding or earthing, which is direct contact earthlng the earth by actually touching earthinh earth barefoot or using a grounding modality bed sheets.

Consider that indigenous peoples all over the world often are barefoot. I’m no scientist, but this activity works. The red blood cell before and after photos in the book are amazing as are the thermography images.

It offers a scientific explanation for the success of ‘natural’ or ‘energetic’ healing that science has thus far been unable to explain. Edit- Ok, just checked in with someone smarter than I and this was their response- “Flat out- the book’s science is completely degree incorrect from the lowest levels up and the authors didn’t even try rarthing have any sort of valid background.

At least some of the studies done were double blind as well. When I miss a dose of that I am immediately aware of it, the positive impact of it on my life is eagthing enormous. It’s a really easy concept to understand, but they made sure to give the science behind it. It delves fairly deep into the technical aspects of it which I really enjoyed and has a ton of stories from earthlng who have had their lives changed through the simple act of reconnecting with the Earth.


The earth actually has a positive charge and we’ve known that for centuries.

Earthing Book by Clint Ober – download PDF, listen to audio

It can also help you cope with jet-lag. And the saddest thing is that there are good honest people who need medical help for pain etc. The book might be good for people who already aren’t walking around barefoot and sitting in the grass on a regular basis. It’s needed for health. More on this below. Here’s the thing about books exrthing this: Finally, people outside of America and the UK will have trouble finding Earthing devices to purchase for the reason that each device has been manufactured to fit the electrical systems of that country i.

Put fitted sheet over that. I have bought a copy for the local church whose members have passed it around and many now own sheets, pads and bands to good result. Feb 21, William rated it did not like it. Yes, I realize it could lber a placebo effect.

Mathematically, though, it seems to be me if it worked, everyone he helped would have told 10 people and they would have earthinf 10 people and by now no earrthing would be ungrounded and everyone would be healthy by now. My current interests are energies. Their premise on page 1 is that the planet has a negative charge which transfers to people that touch it from “free electrons”.

This book was lent to me by a friendit opened up a whole new field of thought and presented many cliinton ideas. It has not made a noticeable difference to me, as have so many other things such as ubiqunol, B vitamins and so on.

I lie down on the grass under a redwood tree and read a good book. I found the parts relating earthing to hormonal circadian rhythms, sports recovery, and Schumann resonance the most interesting. It really does but I feel awkward telling people about it. Jul 10, Deborah Blair rated it it was amazing. Electricity clintom everywhere in our lives but we’ve lost connection to the ground and it’s grounding effects by wearing shoes and walking on concrete, this book posits that we would be well served by grounding ourselves while sleeping in particular, and they cite many cases but it’z all anecdotal.


As a society, we are hurting and unhealthy, and we ezrthing been that way for quite a while. This is a pretty revealing book about the role of electromagnetism on the body. earthinb

But I have to tell you it works to reduce your inflammation which is what clinyon so much of my pain. Lists with This Book.

Following a near fatal disease inhe embarked on a personal journey looking for a higher purpose in life. And it is not blueberries. I found the book to be well-written and easy to understand. This eye-opening book describes how the physical disconnect with the Earth creates abnormal physiology and contributes to inflammation, pain, fatigue, stress, and poor sleep.

And unfortunately we are taking the animals and the planet down with us. I’m sure running around barefoot all over “God’s gre Took me awhile to read cinton since a large majority of it is testimonials of the effectiveness of earthing. Clinon all customer images. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Get over your embarrassment and give flinton a try.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Our stupidity is our own demise. And perhaps they did, but it’s not quite as objective as I’d hoped. Not sure if this has something to do with it or not, but if you read all the horrific health complaints people are having regarding smart meters, it is probably the likely culprit.