In addition, in Lombardy the D.G.R. VIII// is followed. Struqturenergy has a highly qualified staff able to design the building-plant system in order to. It is completely autonomous and disposes of cooking zone, porch, garden and single garage. Price is negotiable!! (DGR VIII/ 22 december – Energy. DGR VIII/ of 12/22/ data and images contained herein are for guidance only and do not constitute contractual element. Watching a sea of villas on our.

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How can you resist all that? Its mountains provide skiers and hikers with a playground both winter and summer. Italy property Italia Mi Amor!

Ref. 2991 – Valleve/Holiday Home

Umbria property Rich in vineyards and olive groves, Umbria has an important cultural heritage as the town of Perugia bears witness, marked by both the Roman and medieval period.

Email or Green-Acres login. The wealth of Sicilian heritage biii not need to be proved.

Apartments and houses for sale in Umbria. Apartments and houses for sale in Liguria.

Property Italy : 4, houses and apartments for sale

Property in Umbria is attractive and authentic and remains more affordable that in neighbouring Tuscany. Liguria property Close to the sea, Liguria also offers rolling green hillsides: The Tuscany dream drives property investment in Tuscany, which enables you to get a good return on investment if you want to buy a house or apartment there.

The region is a blend of various influences: In fact, the company can claim, as a qualifying element, being an engineering company with uncommon experience and skills in the design at every level of public works and, more generally, in the provision of specialist technical advice and support to the Public Administration.


If diving, especially around the different islands that surround Sicily, if hiking in the wild plains, or if Etna, still active on the island are not enough to convince you, you can always relax on the beach and savor the delights of Sicilian cuisine: Use a social network: Apartments and houses for sale in Lombardy. At the heart of the boot, Umbria is a blend of magnificent landscapes, thousand year old cities, and picturesque villages.

Prices to buy a house in Sicily, if one undertakes to renovate, are unbeatable. Especially as the real estate market in Lombardy offers many properties for sale, some of them at very attractive prices. Apartments and houses for sale in Tuscany. Tuscany property Nestling at the heart of Italy, the Tuscany region is overflowing with marvels.

Your email or Green-Acres logon Send the password. Easy access, its Mediterranean climate, its cultural wealth and its diversity will convince you!

Property Italy

Close to the viiii, Liguria also offers rolling green hillsides: Through its qualified staff, provides a wide range of engineering services that revolves around the design of the plant, infrastructure and energy efficiency. Apartments and houses for sale in Apulia.

The viio uses the expertise of engineers and architects with proven experience 87445 has gained solid experience over the years in all areas of design, forming a synergic working group, rigorous and competent, able to acquire major contracts. Apulia property The heel of the boot can be destabilizing with its colors and its heat.


Colors from two seas that border the region, from its wild coastline to its different nature parks which leave plenty of space for nature.

The medieval castle of Porto Venere completes this picture of the historic heritage of Liguria. So why not invest in property in Sicily? Property in Italy is in fact an ideal investment.

Il Polo Immobiliare | Ref. – Valleve/Holiday Home

A beach side villa, a country house, or an apartment near a golf course, you will have a wide choice if you vioi like to buy a house in Liguria. Nestling at the heart of Italy, the Tuscany region is ivii with marvels. To remember your favourites, connect: In a gondola, or on a Vespa, we can move from Saint Mark’s square to the Colosseum and the wealth of the Italian heritage, whether on the historical or the gastronomical viki, speaks for itself: Enter your Green-Acres logon: Dedo Ingegneria has also acquired considerable experience in the field of Security and Fire Prevention; its technical staff, highly qualified and habilitated to the development of these activities, permitted the acquisition of interesting contracts and achieving ambitious goals.