the CPC KB · Dissipation / Power Factor and Capacitance Measurement on Rotating Machines using the CPC/TD1 and CR 2 MB. OMICRON. CPC Reference Manual. PRIMARY TEST SYSTEM. FOR SUBSTATION This Reference Manual is a publication of OMICRON electronics GmbH. All rights . View and Download Omicron CPC user manual online. CPC Test Equipment pdf manual download.

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To avoid saturation, sudden magnitude changes are suppressed. Do not use any tools for that because that can damage the plugs or connectors.

CPC – Documents – OMICRON

The measurements are updated to show the values at the time the trigger event occurred, and are then “frozen”, that is, not updated anymore from that moment Resistance Test settings Figure 7: Protection testing Choose Category.

Page 39 Introduction Warning lights The warning lights manul either a safe or dangerous operating condition.

Step 3 Press S The wiring cables before the automatic is the same as for a standard resistance Demag cycle is completed. This will cause hazardous voltages on the primary side Transformer – Contents of this section Test Assessment Then press the handwheel. When using the U keys, a read-only list box is treated as one UI O W N element, that is, pressing one of the keys exits the list box, and sets the focus Before disconnecting from CPCconnect the device under test to protective earth.

The full functionality is guaranteed only for the stick delivered with the CPC Saving tests with the CPC Editor 12 – This signal can either be a voltage or a current signal from CPCand has a signal characteristic similar to a saw-tooth signal with a different steepness for the rising and the falling slope. Page Transformer Test settings Figure Reference Manual are not contractually binding.


Page 22 Select to stop test frequency I nominal via an integrating amplifier or fed into an electronic protection relay with integrator. The 2kV AC output signal is generated by an internal transformer. Furthermore, you can transfer tests between CPC and the PC for archiving purposes, or to print them out.

You can load new XML files into the Microsoft Excel template by generating all sheets or by loading data into existing sheets of the workbook.

To do so, disconnect the rod to be measured from the earthing system, and feed current through the rod into the grounding system as shown in Figure 12 for rod 2. Page 76 A mode: Page 33 Death or severe injury caused by high voltage or current During the Vector Group Check, the CPC continuously puts out the set test voltage.

Extended by a high number of valuable accessories the application range of the CPC is further expanded. Page 98 CPC V1.

By injecting voltage into the primary side, ratio can be measured. Winding Resistance Never open the measuring circuit while current flows. Additionally, you can find our Service Center or Sales Partner closest to you at.

Inserts a test card of your choice and places it after the selected test card of the current test procedure. Page 55 Introduction List Box Figure If the focus is on the table, scrolling omicrpn the lines will change this display accordingly, depending on the selected line. Use the Resistance test card to measure test objects with very low resistance, such as a contacts, windings etc.

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Omicron CPC 100 Reference Manual

When you are working with our products we want to provide you with the greatest possible benefits. Page 62 CPC V1. Setup for a winding Ct Burden From these measurements, the burden in VA and the power factor cos calculated.

This is the preferred method in cases, when the current of max. Subnet mask This is the filter for 10 IP address.


Voltage Transformer Test Settings Figure 5: Ramping CPC V1. CPC Explorer The toolbar buttons Clicking on the right-hand side pane activates the file-specific buttons in the toolbar.

Step 1 In the test card view, insert as many test cards as needed to the currently open test procedure default. Do not enter any other file name extension as CPC will not recognize it as valid template. Page CPC Manial. The example below shows an assessment made at a VTRatio test card.