Can Life Prevail?, the latest book by Finnish environmentalist Pentti Linkola, provides a radical yet firmly grounded perspective on the ecological problems. PDF | On Jan 1, , PHILIP CAFARO and others published Can Life Prevail? A Revolutionary Approach to the Environmental Crisis by Pentti Linkola. Pentti Linkola Kaarlo Pentti Linkola was born in Helsinki, Finland in Having spent most of his life working as a professional fisherman.

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This is because he is not so concerned with the fact that kinkola die, but with their quality of life while living. Where I am with him is hoping for a simpler, more ecological, more family- and home-centered life style with less consumerism. There’s a lot in his writings I don’t agree with.

This would be a sensible way to diminish the population of the world, without hurting anybody. He has written widely about his ideas and in Finland is a prominent, and highly controversial, thinker. Private cars should be abolished, in favor of bicycles, rowboats, and horse carts. Efforts and energy should be directed instead at suppressing the population explosion that is causing environmental devastation.

With the train of civilisation hurtling at ever-increasing speed towards self-destruction, the most pressing question facing humanity in the 21st century is that of the preservation of life. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. There are also plenty of evil people around, who have no moral standards: Apr 12, Jani-Petri rated it it was ok. His love for nature is enormous — he made a living as a fisherman from a rowboat and sold his fish to local people from a horse-drawn cart, in his native land, Finland until he reached retirement age, he never uses any type of energy-consumed transportation he once toured around the Europe with his wife on bikes to watch birds and enjoy the naturehe avoids all kinds of devices and modern technology so on and so forth.


Pentti Linkola – Wikiquote

Kari Kesonen rated it liked it Jan 28, Would I recommend this book? Pentti Linkola Can Life Prevail?

Eetu Rautio and Olli S. From the dawn of human progress as foragers to nowadays, we only develop towards one way —comfort. The final stages in the life of humanity will be marked by the monstrous war of all against all: On the Brink of pentri Abyss: A world where love of neighbour and mutual aid are the rule and not money and the hording of possessions, where entertainment and culture are once again community led and not corporate commodities.

Besides, the people of wealthy countries are the most frustrated, unemployed, unhappy, suicidal, sedentary, worthless and aimless people in history. While I detest his more outrageous thoughts, and think they’re totally unnecessary, I admire him for his decades-long effort in surveying the bird life of our country, and his way of living as he preaches, not many people do that.

Thanks for telling us llife the problem. Though two other groups are worthy of blame as well: He advocates a ban on keeping farm creatures inside during the summer. We can now thank prosperity for bringing lide — among other things — two million cars, millions of glaring, grey-black electronic entertainment boxes, and many unnecessary buildings to cover the green earth. Linkola’s writings describe in emotional detail the environmental degradation he has witnessed.


He says the argument that the earth could sustain its current population if only everyone was a vegetarian is untenable. What mysticism, what black magic can allow such creatures to possess full human rights?

What a miserable exchange. Jul 27, Roar rated it really liked it.

Pentti Linkola

Rated 0 out of 5. Pentti Linkola offers some consequentialist perspective on saving humanity from itself.

With essays covering topics as diverse as animal rights, extinction, deforestation, terrorism and overpopulation, Can Life Prevail? Most of us no longer live the monstrous consumer party that Linkola describes in the book and many people never lived it, some even chose not to live it.

Pentti Linkola’s ‘Can Life Prevail?’: Book Review

Born in Helsinki, Finland, inhe lived most of his life in a small lijkola and, before his retirement, supported himself by catching fish and selling them from a horse cart. In placing the blame on the creators of this new Zeitgeist, Linkola singles out journalists as a particularly vile and harmful category of men, for they are the ones who promulgate the reigning cultural hegemony.

He advocates that an authoritarian government car Ecofascist Pentii Linkola discusses a variety of provocative ideas. He makes the important point that managed woodland is not ancient natural woodland and that the picture of Finland as green and pleasant hides a more complex reality.