OBR Rule and Replay Procedure · NCAA NFHS Rule Book (Arbiter Access Required) Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth Rule Book. competitive baseball and softball rules, teaches skills, mental and physical WAIVER – It is the obligation of local league Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth presidents. Cal Ripken Baseball is played under the Official Baseball Rules, but Link to Cal Ripkin Rule Book Age as of April 30, per Babe Ruth rules. Cal .. GENERAL RULES FOR 11 & 12 YEAR-OLD PROGRAM (In addition to the Cal Ripken.

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Defensive interference is an act by a fielder which hinders or prevents a batter from hitting a pitch. This player will be indicated in the line-up as the “EP”. A substitute may replace a substitute and the starting player may still re-enter for the substitute, i. Helmets must be worn by hitter and on deck batter. My my My my. We want to encourage the kids to be aggressive at the plate, not wait for a walk Bunting is permitted Slash bunting is NOT permitted i. There is an 11 run mercy rule in effect after booo innings.

Box Trenton, 22014 Phone: Babe Ruth League, Inc. If a team’s line-up starts with 10 players, the team must finish with 10 players.

Review of Babe Ruth League Rules

On deck hitters may not swing a bat, unless in a secured area c. Want to start a program? Runners may advance at their own peril. The “EP” will be treated as any other rulr, and cannot be eliminated during the course of the game.

League Administration Commissioner Administration. All weekend games must conclude within the assigned time slot. Babe Ruth League International Headquarters. The infield fly rule takes precedence.

Baseball Rule Books

The pitcher withdrawn while a batter or base rulr may re-enter the game immediately. Selection of this substitute must be made by the opposing manager. This excludes home schools, cyber schools, sports-related schools, sports academies, ruld after school where a student participates outside of the primary school in which the player is enrolled.

Extra Player – Tournament Competition All Divisions A team may elect ripkem add a tenth player to the batting order for district, state and regional tournament competition and Word Series. A Fair Ball is a batted ball that settles on fair ground between home and first, ca, between home and third base, or that is on or over fair territory when bounding to the outfield past first or third base, or that touches first, second or third base, or that first falls on fair territory on or beyond the first base or third base, or that, while on or over fair territory touches the person of an umpire or play, or that, while over fair territory, passes out of the playing field in flight.


Baseball Rule Books

In general, the best tool an umpire can have is a thorough understanding of the game, its concepts, its strategy, and most importantly, its rules. If the ball is near the baselines, the umpire shall declare, “Infield Fly, if Fair. Get some parents to help with this and it should only take about five minutes In the event of inclement weather, the Parks and Rec department will announce if the fields are closed 8 Year Old Cao Rules GENERAL All weekday games start at the time designated by the division directors on the published schedule 20014 should not run more than 2 hours.

All runners will be returned to their original bases If the pitch is not hit into play, the pitch will stand If the pitch is hit into play, the pitch WILL COUNT, but the runner can only advance as many bases as the batter. However, in most instances, the umpire is surprised as well. By using this site you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

These will be on Saturday with starting times ranging from 9: The International Board of Directors has approved the following rule changes beginning with the season. Teams will bat until three outs have been recorded.

If a runner on second leaves early on a single, that runner must stop at third Stealing is permitted once the pitched ball has crossed home plate Home plate is gated. Appropriate written descriptions, maps or specifications of boundary limitations, must be certified by and filed with the State Commissioner and submitted to Babe Ruth Boo, Inc.

A volunteer who successfully passes a background check during the ; the background check is good through the season. Alertness in recognizing situations and knowledge of what could happen in those situations are some of what an umpire must have to avoid looking incompetent. Keep in mind the primary purpose of Official Baseball Rule 8. This information shall be distributed to the head coaches for the sole purpose of team selection.

Was the runner boo deceived? All players registered in these divisions shall participate in evaluations held prior to the spring season to determine their skill level relative to other players in their division. Prior to the beginning of each tournament game, the manager may elect to add a tenth hitter to the batting order. Three outs are recorded 5 Runs have scored The sixth or last inning, will end Rulee when three outs are recorded OR as agreed by both coaches, in the case of a mercy.


If there is hook an issue with a parent that cannot be addressed by a coach, it should be brought to the attention of the division director 9 Year Old League Rules In addition to the Cal Ripken rule book GENERAL All weekday games start at the time designated by the division director on the published schedule and should not run more than 2 hours.

Review of Babe Ruth League Rules. Withdrawal and re-entry takes place only when a player has rjpken removed from the game. Umpiring is a skill, a craft, an art, and a science. In the 10U and 12U divisions, only rubber cleats will be permitted.

Waivers permitting a player to play outside of his geographical boundaries are not rile in Babe Ruth League. A substitute withdrawn from the game can never re-enter the game.

If a pitcher turns or spins off of his free foot without actually stepping or if he turns his body and throws before stepping, it is a balk. Each team will provide one baseball at the start of the game, but the ultimate responsibility for providing clean baseballs lies with the Home team The batting order will consist of all players running order. An easy way to learn rules is to simply read the rulebook on a regular basis. Did the runner react? Prior to the beginning of the game, this player will be indicated in the line-up as the “EP”.

Cal Ripken Baseball is played under the Official Baseball Rules, but implements some special rules as necessary for the development and welfare of this young age group. A player may not be benched for two innings until every other player has been benched for one inning second benching may be in the same inning that a player is benched for first time.

State Commissioners shall approve geographical boundaries established by each league in conjunction with the District Commissioner in whose district that league exists and operates.