Babar Ahmad is a 37 year old British Muslim and the longest detained-without- charge British detainee held as part of the global ‘war on terror’. On 13th July , Babar Ahmad stepped down onto British soil a free man. This website is no longer run. However, you can browse the archives, or go to. Muhammed Babar Uddin Ahmed Siddique started this petition to Government Support this petition being a human if really we know the meaning of humanity.

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Put Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK – Petitions

He was released without charge after seven days. Babar Ahmad presses the tip of his forefinger into the middle of his forehead. InUS federal Judge Janet Hall sentenced Ahmad to an unexpectedly lenient sentence [16] and concluded that Ahmad was never interested in terrorism, stating, “There was never any aid given by these defendants to effectuate a plot. US prosecutors tampered with one of these photographs to remove any sign of injury when they brought their case petigion Ahmad in a court in Connecticut.

Like many young Muslims, Ahmad was angered and outraged by the atrocities.

Babar Ahmad

To honour the memories of the many fighters who had died in Bosnia and Chechnya, Ahmad decided to set up a website to publish stories about the two conflicts. This information was reportedly leaked to the press by the police intelligence officer who conducted the covert surveillance of the visits, in alleged contravention of the Wilson Doctrine that banned Government surveillance of politicians in Ahmad wanted him to do, which was to return to England to complete his education, he turned away from that and was, in fact, radicalized by Khaled Sheikh Mohammed and Osama bin Laden whom he met in Afghanistan.

After the seven days of questioning, Ahmad was released without charge when the Crown Prosecution Service advised that there was insufficient evidence to charge him with any criminal offence. But the scars left by his psychological struggles with the judicial systems of the US and Britain are more serious — and raise troubling questions for both countries.


On 30 NovemberAhmad lost his appeal at the High Court. The European Court of Human rights. And all the time prison officers were shouting: He is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder. Retrieved 6 October To this day it sets off security alarms. The American told Ahmad he had made it his special mission to bring the Briton to America to face justice.

Crucially Judge Janet Hall, the chief federal district judge of Connecticut, said that supporting groups engaged in defensive jihad on a battlefield did not make someone pehition terrorist. In prison I would talk to nabar apart from the paedophiles. Retrieved 16 July Ahmad was sent to a small base for international fighters, where he was one of only seven Britons among mostly Arab volunteers who had fought in Afghanistan. In Marchhe told The Observer in his first press interview since his release that he was “wrong and naive” to advocate support for the Taliban government back in And then they punched me all over my face before holding my neck so hard that I could no longer breathe.

It would take eight years before Ahmad would discover the identity of his nemesis. Having been refused bail, Ahmad was detained in prison until his extradition on 5 October The other prisoners were all serving life sentences or very long sentences for multiple murders and violent sex attacks.

During heavy fighting that follows, he is injured by shrapnel and returns to the UK.

Babar Ahmad parliamentary e-petition hits , – BBC News

As Ahmad was led into the US building, the Americans told the Met officers to remove the mask petution muffs. He has declined both offers. It’s pretty clear to me that Mr. During the second choke hold I thought I was going to die. Do you understand me, you fucking bastard? Ahmad says he found it difficult to adjust to his newfound freedom, but has spent the past few months appreciating the simpler elements of life.

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Armed with a clutch of good A-levels and harbouring dreams of being a pilot, Ahmad went on to win a place at Imperial College to study engineering.

In he made a significant breakthrough. To this day I still recall Jones saying: If anyone sent us money to send on to Ahmeed, we sent it back to them. US Department of Justice. But as the website began covering other conflicts involving Muslim countries, Ahmad ahmd two articles to be published on the site, which offered support to the then Taliban petigion in Afghanistan.

On 13 July last year, Ahmad was flown home on a commercial passenger jet. The prosecutors immediately offered Ahmad a deal — plead guilty to the charge of using the website to support the Taliban and he would be back in Britain within months.

I walked into the room and I hugged my mother and then I hugged my father and then I fell to the petigion in prostration and whispered glory be to God three times.

Doctors who examined Ahmad over the next seven days found that he had at least 73 injuries, including bleeding in his ears and urine. Retrieved from ” https: As if to say that is why I was here now … It was clear he was looking for some kind of closure or revenge.

The injustice of his case became the focus of a number of high-profile campaigns supported by lawyers, politicians and celebrities.