I read Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s A Scots Quair in the summer between high school and college. It is three books – Sunset Song, Cloud Howe and. Title: A Scots Quair Author: Lewis Grassic Gibbon * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Language: English Date first posted . Lewis Grassic Gibbon (James Leslie Mitchell) was one of the finest writers of the twentieth century. Born in Aberdeenshire in , he died at the age of.

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She took from the hard reality of life a nuturing strength, a sense of unipn with the continuing earth, and the certainty that, above all, she was her own woman. The other two books are about what happens after the end. Or maybe he knew perfectly well how difficult is to find the right balance between being a complacent moderate and a useless radical and left it there.

It has an ending. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And in the east against the cobalt blue of the sky lay the shimmer of the North Sea, that was by Bervie, and maybe the wind would veer there in an hour or so and you’d feel the change in the life and strum of the thing, bringing a streaming coolness out of the sea.

And the doctor, old Meldrum he was, he’d wink at Alec and cry Man, Man, have you been at it again? And S eyes, that were blue and so deep they minded you of a well you peeped into, they’d grow deeper and darker and her sweet face grow so solemn Chris felt solemn svots. Robert Colquohoun and their lives together in the small industrial town of Segget. Wait till you find yourself in the arms of your lad, in the harvest time it’ll be with the stooks round about you, and he’ll stop from joking–they do, you quaiir, and that’s just when their blood-pressure alters–and he’ll take you like this–wait, there’s not a body to see us!

Ellison had begun to think himself a gey man in Kinraddie, and maybe one of the gentry.

A Scots Quair Series by Lewis Grassic Gibbon

Ellison himself began to get well-stomached, and quaig had a red face, big and sappy, and eyes like a cat, green eyes, and his mouser hung down each side of a fair bit mouth that was chokeful up of false teeth, awful expensive and bonny, lined with bits of gold.

Let me tell you we’ve never needed anybody come to our help, though we don’t boast and blow about it all over the countryside, like some I could mention. It’s nothing much at first, but it changes everything forever.

And at nine she left the school and they packed a basket for her and she bade her mother ta-ta and set out to her first fee, no shoes on her feet even then, she hadn’t worn shoes till she was twelve years old. People seem to like this first book the best. So, working with fine, strong strokes, and qauir, Will groomed till he finished the tail, and then as he lifted the brush to hit Bess on the flank that she might move to the other side of the stall and he complete his grooming there flashed in his mind the fine word he had treasured.


We enter into both mindsets but Chris is the centre. By a convoluted route, and despite his lack of synmpathy with real people, he is drawn into radical socialists politics and plays a role as a strike leader.

A Scots Quair Series

But Sinclair and his old wife would just shake their heads at her and in their bed at night, hiddling their old bones close for warmth, give a bit sigh that no brave billy had ever show inclination to take Sarah to his bed. And the third day out he came back from far in the south.

And as he came he wrung his hands, he was mad and singing, a foreign creature, black-bearded, half-naked he was; and he cried in the Greek The ships of Pytheas! For to the College she’d been sent and found it scofs enough after the high classes in Echt, a little ugly place it was below Duncairn Station, ugly as sin and nearly as proud, said the Chris that was Murdoch, Chris of the land.

There is a strong socialist feel to much of the books but for all the politics and social commentary, Chris is simply a wo This three books that tell the story of Chris Guthrie, a young woman in the North East of Scotland, moving from qauir hard, rural life of her adolescence to adulthood and marriage.

Always as Chae she spoke of him and that was an unco-like thing to do of your father, but maybe it was because he was socialist and thought that Rich and Poor should be Equal. Return to Book Page. So he qquair with her that was September, and next year a boy was born to the young bride, and after that the Kinraddies paid no heed to wars and bickerings but qyair them fast in their Castle lithe in the hills, with their gear and bonny leman queans and villeins libbed for service.

But it wasn’t bad land the most of the Knapp, there was the sweat of two thousand years in it, and the meikle park behind the biggings was black loam, not the red clay that sub-soiled half Kinraddie.

The story he weaves round the passionate character of Chris Guthrie, a woman who endures terrible suffering as well as fulfilling love, is rough and unforgiving in its picture of 20th-century feudalism before the first world war. Mistress Gordon was a Stonehaven woman, her father had been a bit post-office creature there, but God! I found it accidentally; no one I knew had ever heard of Lewis Grassic Gibbon.

Jan 15, Marianne rated it it was amazing.

A Scots Quair: Sunset Song, Cloud Howe, Grey Granite

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The subject matter was fine; a Scottish woman’s story scotz the hardships of the First World War and the economic and social troubles of the twenties and thirties.


And that thing was a vein that beat in Marget’s throat, a little blue gathering where the blood beat past in slow, quiet strokes, it would never do that when one was dead and still under grass, down in the earth that smelt so fine and you’d never smell; or cased in the icy darkness of a vat, seeing never again the lowe of burning whins or hearing the North Sea thunder beyond the hills, the quari of it breaking through a morning mist, the right things that might not last and so quuair went by.

Cloud Howe was equally easily my least favourite book – the secondary characters were pretty much universally unlikeable, and while I know that was the point, I missed having someone to “root” for as it were.

The Denburn lay back of the Netherhill, drifting low quaiir slow and placid in its hollow, feint the fish had ever w seen in it and folk said that was just as well, things were fishy enough at Netherhill without the Denburn adding to them.

When the series finished I was so bereft that I had to go in search of the book, and when I couldn’t find it anywhere, I ordered it from our local bookshop.

T he light fades on a way of life that is now changed utterly, but the song scogs still be heard. I’d recommend his short stories too, especially “Smeddum”! It might be the greatest novel in the same sense that Moby Dick is a great novel — OK, but it’s totally boring.

The failure of the General Strike breaks Roberts faith in reformist socialism and, being a man who needs faith, also breaks his heart.

Socts feed’d at Netherhill when he came back from foreign parts, had Chae, and there had been but two daughters there, Kirsty and Sarah, her that played the kirk organ. I have no need to repeat the things he said, or replicate the passages from the book that stand for themselves. This comes through most powerfully in Grey Granite when Chris’ son engages with workers’ rights, but is always there.

Feb 05, Simon Wheeler rated it really liked it. Calluous in all qkair relationships, his mother also falls from his outlook on life as he leads hunger marches down to a London which will absorb his energies as a communist organiser. View all 3 comments.

It had fine glass windows, awful old, the wee hall with three bit creatures of queans, not very decent-like in a kirk, as window-pictures. It’s broken into the seasons of the year, so we follow her from Winter to Spring to Summer and Autumn I have to admit this may be wrong it’s about 20 years since I last read it.